Seed Tin Loaf

Seed 420g & 720g BAKED, FROZEN and PRE-SLICED

Yeast and flour free. It is suitable for anyone wanting to reduce the amount of grain in their diet. It is a wholesome combination of delicious seeds and a handful of naturally gluten-free oat flakes. It is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Seed Bread is an ideal accompaniment to any dish. Its health benefits make it a perfect start for the day as breakfast sandwich, a great snack before training or just a single dish with rich toppings. It works well as Scandi style open sandwich or as a canapé base.

Flakes and grains are 100% oat.

No Additives or Preservatives

Dairy Free

Flour Free

Yeast Free

High in fibre

Low in Salt



GMO Free


Tummy-friendly Baking

Our delicious breads are baked with grains that are good for the tummy. Oat is naturally gluten-free and rye contains fibre good for digestion. Seeds and root vegetables add generous amount of fibre in the diet helping to improve digestion.

Finnish Oat & Rye

Finnish oat and rye are of excellent quality due to the northern cool weather, clean soil and farming practices with fewer pesticides.

Always Wholemeal

We use only wholemeal grain in our baking. Wholemeal is rich in nutrients and a great source of energy for active life.

Additive & Preservative Free

Bare Bakery is committed to ultra hygienic baking. We bake all our breads without additives and preservatives. Our FSSC 22000 certified facilities are among the most modern bakeries in Europe.